Who hasn't had dreams about becoming a writer? The image of great writers and of their success is compelling. Their freedom in life appeals to many people and it certainly appealed to me.

I did not come to this place naturally in life. I'm an MBA Grad and former CEO who left the executive world behind to ultimately opt for a life of adventure and writing. I've spent the last twenty-plus years journeying the world and finding human stories that spark my own stories. I look beyond the standard sites and tourist traps; I look for the human side that is often hidden behind them and the stories that others simply don't find. I was gifted with the ability to connect with people, regardless of background. I hold friendships from the Philippines to India and the Middle East to Central America. I have worked and lived on four continents and wherever I have been, I've found the path less traveled.

I primarily specialize in thrillers across three genres. The first is romantic thrillers with books such as Brian's Stolen Dream and Parminder's Legacy. My romantic thrillers tend to deal with the human challenges of modern relationships and in particular interracial. I myself am Irish Canadian and have been married to a Punjabi woman for almost twenty years. We have lived through our own challenges in this world and raised two beautiful daughters. In these books, I deal with the concept of love finding its roots and battling over time to build a garden despite the obstacles.

My second genre is Suspense and Horror Thrillers, such as The Comatose Diaries and Grindhouse Canada. I write these in the old school style, heavy on the story build and the suspense. They are more along the lines of the great 1970s legends such as the Exorcists and the Omen. I often incorporate concepts such as nature as an active participant in this world, as well as God, Gaia, and the Devil, and the incredible spiritual capabilities of our native Indians. I don't do slasher books. In my opinion, it is simply low-brow writing.

My third genre is Apocalyptic stories. These stories reflect my view of how our world may come to an end. It's based on the hundreds of horror movies I've watched, often in the middle of the night as well as the hundreds of books I have read on the subject. In my books, I apply my own creative mind as to how our story may one day end.

In all genres, I focus on quick, enthralling reads. My books are typically between 220 and 280 pages, a break from reality for less than the price of a movie. The books are intended to draw you in and provide an escape from the world outside for a brief period of time. I do it through incredibly deep and real characters and complex plots with the odd twist and a pace, that makes it hard to put the book down.

I write from the heart and soul. I'm a natural storyteller. I do this because I want others to find the same joy in reading as I did when I was young. In my youth, my first book was Lord of the Rings, a gift from my father. From the day I picked that book up, I never stopped reading. I had always hoped that one day I could inspire someone to feel the same way about reading as I did then.

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