FALL 2022

Eamon, a PHD in Celtic studies accepts a job as the head of Irish History and Mythology at the University of Galway. This means a transfer from their home in Dublin to the west, to Galway. His wife, originally from Galway, is very reluctant to make the most. It seems to stem back to her her family and something in the past. Eventually she concedes and they pack up and head off to Galway. One night after they have settled in they are driving home late, along a dark foggy coastal road when a Banshee screeches passed the car. Eamon, knowing what Banshees signal, stops the car. His wife and son are asleep. He looks out into the dark Irish night. He sees a form on the horizon and it begins to head towards the car, rapidly. As he tried to accelerate away the car stalls and then is knocked down an embankment by something in the dark. Kevin wakes up injured in the hospital to find his wife and his son dead. Over the next few months, Eamon is plagued by dreams, dark ones and turns to the bottle and opium. The university gives him leave to sort himself out but he sleeps over further with no obligations. One night, in an opium inducted sleep, he is visited by his wife. She tells him about an ancient legend that has cursed her family. She tells him that him is in danger. The next day he puts the bottle aside and starts to investigate the legend. What he finds terrifies him.